About us

Citysea is a powerful ecosystem of real estate brands, real estate franchises, private sales portal, news portals, marketing services, music labels and more in addition. We bring people, knowledge, and the world’s best entrepreneurs together to drive business and meaningful careers.

At Citysea we believe in authentic, meaningful connection—to each other, to our brands, and to our consumer. That’s why we empower fearless entrepreneurs who bring our world into focus—and create careers touchstones with the power to join us together.

Nice to meet you

Welcome to CitySea, here you will discover a whole world of luxury.

We believe entrepreneurs worldwide and brands deserve more relevant, engaging advertising experiences. That’s why across our iconic portfolio, we’re tapping an unrivaled mix of data, insights, and technology to build smarter, more meaningful ways for brands to connect.

We believe entrepreneurs with talent and partners deserve freedom, support, and more opportunities for lasting business impact. That’s why we provide the widest canvas of premium brands, portals, and formats for their listings to shine and break through.

CitySea World​

Headquartered in Madrid, Citysea operates primarily in Spain and the United States and its content, licenses and other products and services are distributed and consumed worldwide.

More than just properties

A diversity of markets, perspectives, and experience is critical to our business, our content, and a culture of new marketing. That’s why we’re building a more inclusive home for world-class entrepreneurs of all backgrounds—and clearing new paths to grow within and across our brands.

Breaking new ground

The diversity of the origins of the world’s best entrepreneurs, the plurality of markets and the dynamism of the sector cannot leave anyone out of the game.

A more inclusive home

That’s why we are building a more inclusive home. That’s why we’re embracing a new marketing culture. We are growing within and between our brands.

Our brands

With our brands you will discover a whole world of luxury